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Character Profile for Use in Scroll-Soldiers
Please answer the following questions in regard to your character. This profile is intended to help fellow role players better understand your character or characters. This way the role playing is much more enjoyable. If you do not know an answer to a particular question, or the question is not applicable, feel free to skip it. Many thanks in advance.

Hayley ^_^

Character's Physical Appearance

Which gender is your character?

What color are your characters eyes?

What type (ie. curly, straight, wild, silky) of hair does your character have?

What is the color of their hair?

What is you character's body type (ie. long and lanky, wiry, buff, cut, pudgy, skinny, dead sexy)?

Your character's complexion, what is it like?

What sort of clothing does your character wear and or prefer to wear?

How old is your character, or what age do they appear to be?

How does you character carry themselves? (ie. Are they stealthy, clumsy, graceful, lumbering)?

What sort of expression is your character most likely to wear, (ie. this is my happy face!)?

Basic Information

Does your character have any hobbies?

Do they have any habits and or addictions?

What is your character's vitality? (ie healthy as a horse, sickly, an old injury plays up on occasion)?

Are your character's parents living or deceased?

What is, or what was the character's relationship with their parents like?

Does your character have any siblings?

If so what is your characters birth order?

What is your character's socioeconomic status as a child?

What is your character's socioeconomic status as an adult?

What is your character's star sign? (This may seem like a silly question, but I have found star signs helpful tools in character creation.)

Essential Aspects of Your Character

What are your character's mannerisms?

Is your character a supporter of the underdog?

Is your character a hard worker, or do they often "wing it"?

What are some of your character's flaws?

What is your character's worst fear?

What is the best aspect of your character's personality?

Does your character have a spouse or long term romantic partner?

What sort of romantic partner is your character, or what sort of romantic partner would they be?

Is your character and introvert or an extrovert?

How does your character react when sad?

How does you character react to their own anger? (Do they kick or punch inanimate objects? Yell in defense and regret it directly afterward or later? Lash out in violence? Gather their self control and walk away from the situation?)

In what ways does your character deal with anger directed towards them?

How does your character handle a crisis situation?

In what ways does your character react to loss (of a person, situation, relationship, or thing)?

How does your character feel about family and general relationships with others? (Is you character a loner? Is he or she a mother hen, or male equivalent? Your character is not opposed to family, but wants a small one? Your character is open to a family or long term relationship, but fears how they would handle the situation, or worries about the family security)?

What are your character's feelings towards animals?

What are some of the things you like about your character?

Does your character have a best friend?

Does your character have a theme song, or song that reminds you of them? (I'm silly I know...)

Information Specific to Scroll-Soldiers

Does your character have a favorite place to be in the Scroll-Soldiers setting?

What is your character's reason for being in the Scroll-Soldiers setting?

Does your character have a place of their own in the Scroll-Soldiers setting?
This the character profile for members of the Scroll-Soldiers club to fill out for their character. If you have more than one character, please fill out one for each character. I hoping this will be helpful in the organization of ideas about the characters involved in the club, and help other members have an idea of what sort of character their character will interact with. Thank-you in advance to everyone for filling out this profile. :hug:

If you would like to have a picture of your character too, that would be lovely. You can send me the picture separately to post, or you can post the picture and paste the profile into the artists comments.

Deviation by, and originally posted in :iconmedievallass:
EfFeDuPcHiCk2000 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Using this for my character... Thanks a lot!
Tin-13 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
Wow, this is really helping me a lot, not writing but making characters, thnx!
Scroll-Soldiers Featured By Owner May 10, 2009   Writer
I's so glad this has been of help to you :D. Thank-you so much for the favorite and the comment. I'm very sorry I haven't replied until now, college keeps me pretty busy and since the club hasn't been very active lately I haven't checked for on it for a time.^^; I hope to put up more helpful things in the future. Take care.

Scroll-Soldiers Club :salute:
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